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О городе: Kalyazin

Утро на Волге

Kalyazin is one of the oldest towns of the Tver region, situated on the Volga river.

The first known settlement, mentioned in one of the Russian chronicals and situated on the place of modern Kalyazin, was called "Nickola on the Jabnj". This settlement was situated in the estuary of the Jabnja river. It appeared in the end of the XIIth century.

In 1134 a town-fortress Ksnjatin (Kosnjatin, Konstantin) was founded by Juri Dolgoryki in the estuary of the Nerl' river on the land of Kalyazin. It was burned during the princely civil strifes. In the 15th century there was built a monastery of Makar, founded by a monastic of Klobykovski monastery of Kashin Makari (Matvei Vasil'evich Kojin) on the left bank of the Volga river opposite Nickola on the Jabnja monastery, which is known as Troitcki first-rate men's monastery of Kalyazin.

The Troitcki monastery of Kalyazin became an ornament of the town and the centre of its economic and cultural life. There already was the Nickol'ski monastery on the river which belonged to the Tver princedom. In the 16th century the monastery and the town made a single whole.

The Troitcki monastery of Kalyazin went through a lot of economic and social changes during its existence, becoming more and more famous and richer in economic attitude. In 1764 the monastery of Kalyazin was admitted to be a first-rate monastery of the Tver episcopate. It always used to be a property of its fatherland.

The monastery of Kalyazin was one of the greatest and most beautiful monasteries of Tver region and even of Rus'.

But in 1936-1940 in connection with the building of the HES and a reservoir in Uglich the Troitcki monastery was destroyed and its territory together with an old part of the town were flooded.

The historical old part of the town, its jewel - the Troitcki monastery, the Nickolaevski cathedral and a lot of other important places were left under water. The reservoir of Uglich destroyed almost 2/3 of Kalyazin and about 40 other settlements of the Kalyazin region.

The old town left us only several streets, 3 churches, the monasteries' islands and the bell-tower of the Nickolaevski cathedral.

Nowadays the bell-tower of the Nickolaevski cathedral, which architecture is really great, is the main sight of Kalyazin. It was built in 1800 in completion оf building of the Nickolaevski cathedral, which was started in 1694. The idea of the building of the bell-tower belonged to colonel Vasili Fedorovich Ushakov , the owner of an estate in Nikitckoe village of the Kalyazin region of the Tver district .

The bell-tower of Kalyazin, which is one of the most beautiful sights of Верхневолжье, attracts the townsmen and the guests of the town like a magnet. Majesticly raising from the waterspace, it is an impregnable and tacit reminder оf a long and glorious history of Kalyazin.

According to a study of local lore museum.

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